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I was gonna tell you how much I hate...

...Souvenir shops - booooring useless shit (just been to a Scotland holiday recently). But then I saw this guy - and he tells it all. Well not really telling, but you know what I mean.Thanks dude, you saved me a lot of rambling.

Face in a Place of the Day: Ooops!

Oooops because, i noticed i posted the last face already before. You might think that's because i run out of them. Wrong!! I m just turning a little senile, that's all. *phew*

So here are few more for the inconvenience:

Face in the Place of the Day :)

It better has the best arse-wipe feeling in the world!

Since David had his little "brick-on-the-head" accident ...

...he didn't need much anymore to make him feel good.